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About the Class

About the Class

Course Description

American Literature is a course designed to expose students to a variety of literature ranging from narrative to historical nonfiction. Through reading diverse texts and participating in collaborative activities, scholars will be able to learn about themselves and the world around them. Our goal is to allow students to find joy in reading while challenging them to grow as readers. We understand that literacy is the cornerstone of agency.

Course Goals

The goal of this course is not only to familiarize students with a variety of literature, but also to develop their communication skills. They will learn to recognize the features of different genres through book clubs, individual reading, and core texts (shared reading in class). Students should leave this class as stronger readers and communicators with an appreciation for reading. Our overall goal is to equip students to use their critical thinking skills to learn about the world around them and cultivate their joy of reading. Our vision of literacy is rooted in Gholdy Muhammad’s historically responsive literature model. We believe a literate person is one who:

  • Understands and is self-affirmed in their many and complex identities (IDENTITY)
  • Is proficient at reading, writing, speaking, and listening (SKILL)
  • Is equipped with academic knowledge (INTELLECT)
  • Thinks critically, especially about matters of power, equity, oppression, and antiracism (CRITICALITY)
  • Derives pleasure from their own literacy (JOY)

With this vision in mind, we design and redesign–ever reflecting, growing, and revising–learning experiences in BELIEVE’s Humanities courses that will honor, nurture, and accelerate our students’ continued literacy development.

Nataleigh Mosley

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3:35PM - 4:30PM

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