Integrated Chemistry and Physics

Integrated Chemistry and Physics

About the Class

About the Class

Course Description:

Figuring out the next steps after high school often stresses many high schoolers out. This course aims to decrease that stress and anxiety by allowing scholars the chance to reflect on what they may do after high school by offering many opportunities to research different career and college options. During the foundational unit, scholars will have the opportunity to work on a multitude of assignments that will help them explore the collegiate, vocational and military pathways. This course also aims to strengthen scholars’ reading skills by implementing activities such as an independent reading program that not only builds scholars’ reading abilities but also hopes to allow students to find joy in reading. Lastly, throughout the course scholars will be required to write multi-paragraph essays that will allow them to strengthen their writing abilities thus equipping students with better communication and thinking skills.

Course Goals

Upon completion of this course

  • SWBAT: explain what they want to do after high school based on their goals and interests
  • SWBAT: find joy in reading and writing
  • SWBAT: write a multi-paragraph reflective narrative essay that demonstrates their understanding of their post-secondary goals
  • SWBAT: create a portfolio that includes their resume, Common App essay, sample application and mock interview
  • SWBAT: understand what makes an individual revolutionary
  • SWBAT: write a literary essay regarding In the Time of the Butterflies and 1984
  • SWBAT: create an argumentative essay based on the artificial intelligence unit

Nina West

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