The BELIEVE Mission

The BELIEVE Mission

The world is shifting, and BELIEVE is a high school for the current time. College is no longer the single leading pathway to financial independence and success for our nation’s youth. Students must be given exposure and access to additional avenues to high-wage, wealth-building opportunities – whether through a college or a career program. BELIEVE Schools is dedicated to creating equitable, rigorous, and joy-filled spaces for students to learn, grow, and develop.

Replicated from our original campus in Indianapolis, BELIEVE STL Academy will ensure all students graduate with an associate’s degree or a career certification in a high-demand, skilled career alongside their high school diploma. This will be achieved through meaningful and purposeful community partnerships that will help elevate the student and the St. Louis community.

Graduate Profile

Independent: BELIEVE graduates are creative, innovative, and strategic thinkers. They have taken ownership and accountability for their future. They are self-sufficient. They have the time management, personal organization, and problem-solving skills to be valuable, competitive candidates for work that is fulfilling and financially rewarding.

Informed and Influential Citizens: BELIEVE graduates understand why diversity, equity, inclusion, and representation matter and how these impact their everyday life. They stay informed about issues that impact themselves as well as their local and global communities, and they advocate for causes that matter to them.

Academically Prepared: BELIEVE graduates are academically prepared for their future. Whether they pursue a college or career pathway, they have the knowledge, skill sets, and experiences to be successful.

Financially Literate: BELIEVE graduates understand key principles of personal finance, and they consistently apply those principles to cultivate their own financial health and to build generational wealth.

Healthy and Whole: BELIEVE graduates thrive because they know how to maintain their well-being autonomously. They value their mental and physical health and know how to care for both. They are equipped with the social and emotional skill sets to build healthy relationships with others.

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

One Voice

When someone speaks, you listen. Everyone’s opinion matters!

Input = Output

What you put in is what you get out.

Safe Space

Scholars and staff work together to create an environment where everyone feels safe, valued, and respected.

Prompt & Present

Scholars come to school on time and are ready to learn

Value & Respect

Value and respect each other’s space, property, feelings, and presence!

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